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Hello fellas
It's me, Akviny Darra Amila and my nickname is Akviny and sometime I introduce myself out there *abroad as Vinn. Because I think that is cool and such a sweet name.
I was born in Dili, do you know where is that? Yeah it is the capital of Timor Leste. How could I was born there? My dad, Ali Tamami was a teacher in there. He got a duty from state because he was a new Civil Servant and sometime they sent us to small city or countryside. He teaches Math and other major but I forget about it.

Let me introduce my lovely family. 

My mom, Etik Dwi is a mother with big heart and biggest patient in my house. She always teaches me about something useful, in present or for future. She never gives up when she has a problem, yeah I know it's hard that she has been handling a responsbility about "Money". My mom has nice connection with other doctor around East Java or maybe Indonesia. She is known as someone who has a lot of trick to solve the problem.

My dad, he is a hero in my life. "He is my first love and never hurts you" that is the quote says. It's the truth, he always protects me from guy that is so annoying sometime or maybe he teaches me to choose a guy that has nice personality and ofcourse loyal. But, until now he is still not giving me a persmission to have a boyfriend. I think that is a good idea, maybe he thinks that it is still disturbing me. My dad is Lamongan's boy. He grew up in home that near by a big river, and famous. Bengawan Solo.

My brother, he is my inspiration. His name is Avreghly Barra Al-Iman, does it hard to spell? Haha. He is very smart with IQ 151 when he was 12 years old. Genius. He took only four years to spend Junior and Senior high school. Sometime he is so annoying because he is slightly lazy and, hmm dirty, not too much, just a little dirty, but still genius. He likes doing a progamming and drawing and also playing game. He is very good in english and so religious. In old days he had a straight hair, but now he has a curly hair. Why could it be happened? Beause when I have a curly hair he was always moking me “keriting, keriting” I dont know what happens but as time flies his hair turns curly, maybe it's called karma haha

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