Trying the outfit

TAIFIB looks so scary, but it is not.

Good afternoon
Here I want tell you how to get into ATKP Surabaya
I also don’t know why I choose to go ATKP. Perhaps, because of the nearest reference and support from my parents. I also didn’t  know the majors that I take, an Air Traffic Controller. Because I've really wanted to get in to Marine Engineering Institute Ten November Surabaya, and I also wanted to enter the Interior Design.

Whether this is fate or whatever, this major  really far away from my parents work. My father is a teacher and my mother a person familiar with health, while her son went in search of knowledge in the field of  technology as well flights.

And as time goes on, when I was guiding my junior for taekwondo, came someone who startled me. Yes, someone dressed neatly and pliot blue hat which I often  see on tv. That person is ATKP’s cadets, after I saw it I want to go in there more. Unthinkable hard or easy the life there. I asked where I could reach the contact, and finally I asked a lot about ATKP. He helped me a lot, and I'm still owes one debt. Cheese Burger.

Then I started looking for info info about ATKP Surabaya, I was not forget for looking for info on STPI, because it famous for flight world. I looked and I looked, I asked the people who learn there, in instagram or wherever. and I began to study harder than usual.
I finally met with senior at an airport, I was given a lot of knowledge, about what my course, and also matters related to my course. Until now, it was still one of the honorable man in my eyes.

Should I give a tips? When you have a goal or a dream, write it on a paper. And put the paper in place that often you pass or see. Whether it works on you or not, but every time I pass through the paper, I will not forget my goals, and what should I strive for. This method I got from my tutor, and I have begun it since primary school. And it worked. Further, finally the announcement of the registration is out. And it was right on the last day when I had a final exam. After I read of reference people who used the test, I prepared it well. I started exercising.

Run. yes it is kind of sport I hate most. It was tiring, very tiring. Every morning, I always set my alarm to get up early. Getting ready, and only a few hundred meters I was tired and imagine "how my life would there be?" but I did not give up, I also have problems will be my weight, my weight is less than the ideal size. I started eating a lot, even to buy milk protein L-M **. can you imagine that? when I drink it I imagine it would grow the Adam's apple and a mustache. * Haha Jayus) I also have a friend who wants to get in there with the same direction, eventually we practiced together. running, push-ups, and badminton. "Comrade in arms" that's our motto

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